14 11, 2020

Can I order samples?

2020-11-14T23:13:43+01:0014 November 2020|

Yes, you can. Samples are available at reduced price after registration.
14 11, 2020

Do you offer your products to private customers?

2020-11-14T23:13:23+01:0014 November 2020|

Chemnovatic cooperates directly with business customers only. If you are an individual client we recommend to visit the website of one of our distributors: Molinshop – global distribution with cost effective shipment Vaporiz’Arte – Portugal and Spain Vaperstek – USA & Canada Flawless – Republic of South Africa or ask your nearest shop for Chemnovatic and Molinberry products.
14 11, 2020

Are you a manufacturer or a reseller?

2020-11-14T23:13:06+01:0014 November 2020|

Chemnovatic is the manufacturer of all products you can find on this website and our B2B platform. We take the full responsibility for our products’ quality and for their certification. Nonetheless, we are not the only company where you can buy Chemnovatic’s products. We also cooperate with our official distributors that offer same professional service and supply all of our products in the same attractive prices. Our key partners are: Molinshop (global distribution) and Vapestek (USA & Canada). We also have branches in Portugal (Chemnovatic Iberia) and Turkey (Chemnovatic Turkey). If you are in touch with any of these companies you are in the best hands.
14 11, 2020

What is the recommended dosage of Molinberry e-liquid flavours?

2020-11-14T23:12:41+01:0014 November 2020|

Dispensing of Molinberry flavour depends of its kind. Dosage information is included in the description of each flavouring. Recommended dosage is based on the research carried out on testers with whom we work. However, each of us has different taste and preferences for flavour intensity, so we encourage you to experiment further.
14 11, 2020

Do you offer non-standard products and packaging?

2020-11-14T23:12:23+01:0014 November 2020|

One of our main competitive advantages is flexibility. We are producers, so we can deliver our products in various packages or even make new ones, adjusted to your personal needs. We also offer solutions adjusted to your local laws, custom range nicotine bases, new flavors or packages in customized shapes. Do you have non-standard needs or interesting ideas? We will be happy to hear from you.
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