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Test your products in Chemnovatic professionally-equipped laboratory. We will perform TPD-laboratory analysis and many other tests suitable to your needs, including: quantitative, qualitative and compositional analyses of raw materials and other mixtures used in production.


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Conduct laboratory tests & laboratory analysis with Chemnovatic

E-liquid laboratory tests & laboratory analysis are crucial to determine final product quality. Chemnovatic laboratory allows us to verify every production batch on an ongoing basis. The lab is equipped with a chromatograph which enables us to test the exact composition and exact nicotine strength of products.

All Chemnovatic products are TPD compliant, so with us, you will have a guarantee that your final product would successfully pass TPD tests, however, within our broad offer we provide our customers with TPD laboratory tests including toxicology and emission tests of ready e-liquids.

Moreover, our laboratory tests are accepted in every European country. For example, below you will find exemplary TPD tests that we perform:

  • Heavy metals determination
  • Volatile Organic Compounds determination
  • Aldehydes and ketones determination
  • Nicotine, propylene glycol, and glycerin determination


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