Fabricação de E-líquidos de Marca Própria


Are you looking for private label e-liquid manufacturing? The search is over! We provide comprehensive service of the highest quality e-liquids production outsourcing. White Label brand production is conducted by experts of the e-liquid industry.


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Private label e-liquid manufacturing

High standards of OEM production process at Chemnovatic, one of the best European e-liquid manufacturing companies, includes clean, precise, and safe preparation of products. Our team of vape manufacturers follows rigorous manufacturing procedures that allow for safe and sanitary preparation of products with the use of top-quality e-liquid manufacturing equipment.

Our production principles:

  • We use only raw materials of the highest quality
  • Our nicotine PureNic 99+ along with PG and VG meet European and US pharmacopeia standards (EP, USP)
  • Every batch of PureNic 99+ is examined in accredited laboratories and receives a certificate of quality
  • Each of the semi-finished products comes from proven, reliable suppliers, together with Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and product data-sheet
  • The machines and e-liquid manufarcturing equipment used in the production process are certified to ensure the highest quality of production
  • The reliability of measuring instruments is verified by calibration certificates
  • During the production cycle we are continuously monitoring both the safety of our products and the safety of our e-liquid maufacturers


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