Bartłomiej Gęca on the left and Marcin Ławecki on the right at the Lublin University of Technology academic year inauguration

Last week Chemnovatic founders, CEO Marcin Ławecki, and COO Bartłomiej Gęca had the honor to give a lecture at the Lublin University of Technology. They were invited to the university, where they got their master’s degrees and later worked as academic teachers, due to the Inauguration of the academic year 2022/2023 at the Faculty of Management.

The lecture Chemnovatic’s founders gave was about “Business success – conditions and factors conducive to achieving it”. As you can see in the photos below their speech gathered not only the students but also the tutors!

All the photos were shot by Jakub Krzysiak, Studencka Agencja Fotograficzna, SAF PL.