Quality & Process

How Chemnovatic provides you with great experience

Chemnovatic offers wide variety of products and services, but we’re always willing to adjust to suit your individual needs. We seek to provide exactly what you need in the shortest time possible, regardless of the size and content of your order.

Flexible & fast reaction to your needs

High standards of production process: clean, precise and safe preparation of products

Our team follows rigorous manufacturing procedures that allow for safe and sanitary preparation of products.

  • We rely on proven and tested recipes.
  • The machines and equipment are certified to ensure the highest quality of production.
  • Reliability of measuring instruments is verified by calibration certificates.
  • In a rare case of mistake, the entire production batch is being utilized and the instruments recalibrated.


We are constantly improving production and management processes to increase the quality of our products. We are a ISO 9001, GMP and HACCP certified company.

ISO International Standards ensure safety, reliability and quality of products. It is a set of strategic tools minimizing waste and human errors while increasing productivity.

Chemnovatic has implemented guidelines, policies and processes in line with the ISO 9001:2015 quality standards as set out by the ISO Quality Management System.

The HACCP system is a method of conduct and a tool ensuring product safety and hygiene.

Coupled with the implementation of the principles of Good Hygienic Practice and Good Manufacturing Practice (GHP/GMP), it can be perceived as an integrated system of activities related to the management of product safety.

Chemnovatic has been subjected to the certification audit performed by TÜV Rheinland Polska Sp. z o. o.

Quality control

We use only products of the highest pharmaceutical quality. Each of the semi-finished products comes from proven, reliable suppliers, is certified (USP/EP) and comes with Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and product data sheet.

Every batch of finished products is examined in accredited laboratories and receives a certificate of quality, which contains:

  • commercial name
  • manufacture & expire date
  • production batch number
  • list of ingredients with CAS numbers
  • ingredients specification

Quick and safe worldwide delivery

Packaging of our products is handled with the utmost care. We make sure to meet all ADR requirements regarding the substances classified as dangerous, like pure nicotine. We cooperate with many couriers and logistic companies, which allows us to offer worldwide delivery at the lowest possible cost. As of this moment, we have been shipping our products to over 30 countries on all continents.

Professional packaging and labeling

Each product is poured into a bottle that not only meets, but even exceeds requirements. Child proof cap, UN certification of bottles, induction sealing and others solutions are used to prevent leakage and ensure safety handling of product. Moreover, all of our products are labelled in accordance with CLP Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation.

Problem solving attitude

We do our best to avoid any problems with our products or services, but, like in any business, it’s hard to eliminate mistakes completely. If such a situation occurs, we make it a point to take full responsibility and resolve an issue at hand in a way that is best for the Clients. Additionally, we’re always available to answer your questions, offer help or listen to feedback

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Marcin Ławecki & Bartek Gęca – owners of Chemnovatic

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