Cooler WS23-1000


– cooling effect

– no smell

– does not change the final taste of product


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Cooler WS23-1000 – Nicotine Pouches cooling agent

Cooler WS23-1000 provides a cooling effect without any minty or menthol-like aftertaste. When diluted in PG, Cooler WS23-1000 it has no smell or taste. The sensation of Cooler WS23-1000 is smoother than Menthol or Coolada and does not change the final flavor of the product. It is perfect for those who would like to receive noticeable but pleasant cooling sensation. Cooler WS23-1000 is ideal to even more enrich the freshness of menthol and mint compositions. It doesn’t give any burning or feeling of numbness, it’s cooler than traditional menthol products.

Cooler WS23-1000 – Specification:

Name: Cooler WS23-1000
Identifier (CAS no.): 51115-67-4
Appearance: solid – crystalline, white powder
Suggested storage conditions: Store containers tightly closed, in a cool, well-ventilated place at a temperature from 5 °C to 20 °C.

Keep away from the heat and ignition sources.

Protect from sunlight.

Keep away from strong oxidizing agents, concentrated acids, and bases.

Store in original containers only.

Also make sure to check our other additives, for example, Menthol Crystals MC-1000.


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