Natural Pharmaceutical Glycol

Natural Pharmaceutical Glycol is a 100% natural replacement for propylene glycol. It helps to mix other chemical compounds, working as a solvent.

  • Product of pharmaceutical grade (USP/EP)
  • Wide range of applications in various industries, such as foods, cosmetics, medicine, e-liquid, and more
  • Approved for contact with food

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Product Overview

Natural pharmaceutical glycol is an excipient, which means it carries other active substances while being inactive itself. It can be found under different names: PG, 1,2-propanodiol, propylene glycol. This version of Natural PG, however, is of organic origins.

Product features:

  • chemical formula: C₃H₈O₂
  • density: 1,03 g/cm³
  • boiling point: 188,2 °C
  • two hydroxyl groups
  • less viscous than vegetable glycerine
  • transparent, liquid, colorless

Key points:

  • Pharmaceutical propylene glycol offered by us is in conformity with European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and US Pharmacopoeia (USP) standards.
  • Comes with a set of documents and certificates ensuring adherence to quality, safety, and legality standards.
  • Quick, safe, and cost-effective deliveries due to our location in the center of Europe.

Natural Pharmaceutical Glycol Application

Natural pharmaceutical glycol may be used in various industries, such as cosmetics, medicine, the vape industry, or the food industry, similarily to propylene glycol. You can check more details about its usage here.

Other Glycols

Glycols are a group of diols – alcohols with two hydroxyl groups (-OH). What distinguishes them is the number of carbon and hydrogen atoms number.

Natural pharmaceutical glycol or PG are not the only glycols on our offer. Among others, there are: polypropylene (PPG), dipropylene (DPG), monopropylene (MPG), polyethylene (PEG), triethylene (TEG), diethylene (DEG), monoethylene  (MEG).

If you are looking for different glycols, contact us at We are sure, we can help you!

Additionally, keep in mind that in our offer you will also find propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, and if you want to learn the differences between glycol and glycerine, you can do it by reading one of our articles.

Natural Pharmaceutical Glycol Specification

INCI Name Propylene glycol
Identifier (CAS no.) 57-55-6
Appearance Colorless liquid
Viscosity, mPa.s (20’C)


g/cm3 (20’C)
Odour Odourless | Almost odourless


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Safety Data Sheet

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Certificate of Quality

PLEASE NOTE: In Poland, natural pharmaceutical glycol is considered an excise product if it is used in the vape industry. Therefore, if you are willing to use it in the production of e-liquids or related products, please inform us about this fact at:


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