Sodium Bicarbonate SBC-1000 25 kg


Sodium Bicarbonate SBC-1000:

  • absorbs unpleasant odors
  • pH regulator
  • filling substance

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Sodium Bicarbonate SBC-1000 – Nicotine pouches pH stabilizer

Sodium Bicarbonate SBC-1000 is an ingredient with many properties and a wide range of applications, also in the cosmetics industry. It increases the pH of products, at 50°C it decomposes, which manifests itself in the formation of abundant foam, which is the basic ingredient of bath balls that softens the water. Sodium Bicarbonate has moisture-absorbing properties. The cosmetics industry uses Sodium Bicarbonate in oral hygiene products, removes plaque and carious bacteria, whitens teeth. It also absorbs unpleasant odors. Adsorbent, pH regulator. Filling substance.

Sodium Bicarbonate SBC-1000 Specification:

Name: Sodium Bicarbonate SBC-1000
Identifier (CAS no.): 144-55-8
Other name: Sodium bicarbonate, E500(ii)
Appearance: white flakes, crystals or crystalline powder
Shelf life 2 years if unopened
Suggested storage conditions: Store in sealed packages, dry covered rooms.

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