Lemon Add LA-500

Lemon Add is an additive that provides a characteristic sour, slightly lemony flavour to you compositions.

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Lemon Add LA-500 is like a big brother to our Citric Acid CA-90. It helps expose the best features of citrus flavours. It is sourer than citric acid and brings even more acidity out of citrus aromas. It has a form of a liquid mixture. Lemon Add LA-500 mixes well not only with citrus flavours, but also with dessert and candy ones.

Lemon Add LA-500 is based on Propylene Glycol and should be stored:

  • away from heat sources
  • at 10-25oC
  • away from children

Use within 14 days after opening and remember, that the product is not suitable for direct consumption.

Sometimes concentrated flavouring alone is not enough to get the desired taste. That is why Chemnovatic offers a series of most common additives which are made of top quality ingredients and help to improve your recipes.


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