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Comprehensive advice in the field of legal regulations related to the chemical industry, raw materials and the vape industry. Take advantage of the comprehensive advice of our experts in the field of TPD, UFI, CLP, and REACH regulation and much more.


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Regulatory Consultations

Chemnovatic offers consultations in the field of chemical and e-liquid industries law regulations. We aim to support and share the experience of industry law regulations in the European Union, Great Britain but also the USA and non-EU countries.

At Chemnovatic we:

  • keep track of all legislative changes in the e-cigarette industry around the world and as one of the first companies related to the industry introduce the necessary changes

  • share our expert knowledge by consulting our clients
  • offer consultations and registration from the following chemical regulations: REACH, CLP, UFI
  • learn more about basic regulations in different countries here.


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