17 03, 2022

Relação PG/VG – como escolher a melhor relação para e-líquido?


Depending on the ratio of PG and VG, e-liquids can have different taste properties and provide a different sensation to users. PG and VG affect, among others, such features as the throat hit, final taste, cloud size during vaping, and allergy risk. Compare the characteristics of PG / VG in the graphic below. (mais…)
8 04, 2022

As diferenças entre glicol e glicerina – quando usar qual?


Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine bottles, and text glycol =/= glycerine, what's the difference?

Glycerine and glycol are two of the most commonly used ingredients in various industries formulations. Starting from the brake and cooling fluids as well as windscreen de-icers, ending with additives for animal feed and the cosmetics industryglycol and glycerine are used in a wide range of products. This article examines their similarities and differences, explaining when one should be used over the other taking into account a given application and industry. (mais…)


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