Ethyl Maltol EM-100

Diluted Ethyl Maltol with Propylene Glycol


Quantity discount

Quantity Price
2 -7 1,5024,58
8 -15 1,4123,02
16 -25 1,3121,47
26 -40 1,2219,92
41 -60 1,1518,89
61 + 1,1118,11


Ethyl Maltol is commonly applied to smoothen some sharp notes in e- juices by adding a dash of sweetness. It gives a very nice scent similar to candyfloss or caramel. If you are searching for special mellifluence in your e-liquids this is the best choice to obtain it.

Sometimes a concentrated flavouring alone is not enough to get a desire taste of e-liquid. That is why, Chemnovatic offers a series of most common additives for e-liquids which are made of top quality ingredients and help to improve your liquids recipes.


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