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24 03, 2017

Looking for lower strength nicotine bases? Try NicBase 1,5 mg!

2020-06-16T16:01:27+02:0024 March 2017|

butelkiAs a response to requests from many customers we have decided to introduce 1.5 mg/ml nicotine bases to our standard offer. NicBase 1.5 mg bases are available in typical PG/VG ratios and bottle sizes (other ratios and packaging volumes available on request). Full range of NicBase bases are available on our B2B platform here:

19 04, 2016

Nicotine bases.

2020-06-16T16:07:12+02:0019 April 2016|

Nicotine bases, sometimes known as unflavored e-liquids are a simple mixture of Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin and pure nicotine. Nicotine diluted with Propylene Glycol (PG for short) is known as PG nicotine base while the Vegetable Glycerin (VG) nicotine solution is known as VG nicotine base. VG and PG are two main types of nicotine bases, third is a mixture of PG and VG in various ratios known as VPG nicotine bases.

People prefer different nicotine bases for various reasons, both PG and VG have their own characteristics that people choose over the others. (more…)

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