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2802, 2019

New! Nicotine malate salt.

28 February 2019|

natural nicotine saltIn response to our clients’ needs we have introduced nicotine salt which is 100% natural! From the chemical perspective nicotine malate is a very similar to the nicotine salt that occurs naturally in tobacco leaves. Therefore it is very biocompatible and well-absorbed into the human organism.

Nicotine malate is formed by combining pure nicotine with malic acid. Both ingredients are 100% natural – pure nicotine is obtained from tobacco leaves and malic acid, is present in apples and many other fruits.

– 100% natural! – white crystal form – freebase nicotine content: around 54.75% – leaves delicate aftertaste – malic acid is a very popular ingredient used in natural cosmetics and food industry Eager to try it? Visit our b2b platform here: to order!
202, 2018

4 features of Nic Salts you may benefit from.

2 February 2018|

nicotine saltsWhat are nicotine salts?

Nic salts are another form of nicotine to blend with PG or VG. Thanks to its form, e-liquids based on nicotine salts have longer shelf-life. They also have less oxidation than the traditional e-liquids and lower pH level.

Why all the hype?

Nic salts are well-absorbed to the bloodstream. It means that they provide vapers with a strong and long-lasting nicotine effect. The trend is to provide a high concentration of nicotine in nic salts e-liquids. This might be ideal for people who want to quit smoking or just switch from ordinary cigarettes. (more…)
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