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2207, 2020

E-liquid additives – facts you need to know

22 July 2020|

E-liquid additives may be a game-changer for your new e-liquid line. Even a small amount of e-liquid additives makes a HUGE difference to your recipe. Vaping brands are racing each other to create new flavor combinations of e-liquids. All this to provide consumers with two factors. Firstly, an alternative method of supplying nicotine to the body. Secondly, a pleasant taste sensation during vaping. However, the question is: how to succeed in this very competitive market?

Chemnovatic e-liquid additives (more…)
1908, 2019

New Molinberry flavours are here. Try some of the best e-liquid flavourings on the market!

19 August 2019|

concentrated e-liquid flavouringsWe know you LOVE Molinberry ceoncentrated flavourings, so we have added 17 new flavours to our B2B offer!

List of new Molinberry concentrated e-liquid flavourings:

Spearmint – Cooling, sweet mint Rainbow Sherbet – Orange, raspberry, lime & more! Legendary Custard – Double thick custard White Chocolate – Sweet white chocolate Rubin Lemonade – Berry lemonade Strawberry Brownie – Brownies with strawberries S’mores Marshmallow Brownie – Brownies with toasted marshmallows Chocolate Peanut Butter Milk – Chocolate milk with peanut butter Cactus cupcake – Sweet cupcake with fresh cactus fruit Pineapple Lassi – Milk yoghurt with fresh pineapple chunks Strawberry Chocolate Muffin – Chocolate muffin with strawberries Dr. Beat – Cola and Rocket pop Ugly Delicious – Strawberry, watermelon and bubble gum Red Dragon Grape – Red grapes and dragon wings Stranger Things – Multifruit gum Blue Rock Candy – Blue ice candy Fantasy grape – Refreshing grape drink Sounds good? Some flavours are flying off the shelves as we speak, so stock up before they are gone! You can order them here:
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