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Why Natural Tobacco Extract e-liquid flavouring is the only tobacco flavour you will ever need

Tobacco flavours were a thing back in the day – people used e-cigarettes to quit smoking and many of them preferred tobacco flavours to fruity or dessert ones. Over the years a lot of things changed, but many of our customers are still looking for the perfect tobacco flavour for their e-liquids and shortfills. Are you one of them? We have spent a lot of time researching and preparing the perfect answer to their needs – Chemnovatic Natural Tobacco Extract. Natural Tobacco Extract is a tobacco flavouring unlike any other – authentic, aromatic essence of Virginia tobacco, extracted via a supercritical extraction and then steeped to perfection makes for possibly the best pure tobacco e-liquid flavour your customers have ever vaped. Chemnovatic Natural Tobacco Extract concentrated flavouring is available in 100ml, 1L, and 5L canisters and […]


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