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1107, 2016

Mixing your first e-liquid using DIY bases.

11 July 2016|

diy nicotine bases by chemnovaticIn the last episode of our “DIY e-liquids” article we went over the basics of DIY e-liquids – equipment you will find necessary on your journey into the DIY world, some safety guidelines and of course the ingredients – types of nicotine bases best for DIY e-liquids manufacture. Now that you know how to safely work with your nicotine solutions – let’s start mixing.

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With that out of the way let us begin.
We will start mixing with a pretty simple, one flavor e-liquid. We want a big cloud and not much throat hit, we will make a high VG e-liquid (let’s use 80VG/20PG for this recipe), also since it is high season for strawberries we will make our first e-liquid a strawberry one.

How to make e-liquids using DIY bases and flavourings.


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