1 August 2015

Novice – Start-up

We will deliver to you ready to sell products and we will help you fulfill all legal requirements related to launching new e-liquids to the market. You’ll be able to focus on the marketing and sales, which are the most important aspects of a new business.

We’ll help you choose best-selling flavours and strengths of e-liquids. We can also assist you with developing your own recipes and labels.

1 August 2015


We recommend you use low concentration nicotine bases, ready to mix with concentrated flavorings. We’ll help you choose the proper dosage to achieve the desired effects.

1 August 2015


We can deliver to you all ingredients and packaging you need. Furthermore, if you have yet to acquire the best semi-automatic equipment for mixing and filling liquids, we can share our experience with you and help you choose.

1 August 2015


We recommend our natural, clear, colorless and odorless, premium quality freebase nicotine and nicotine salts. We can also share our guidances regarding safe handling of pure nicotine and preserving its high quality.


The information presented on the website www.chemnovatic.com are addressed only to the business customers who are dealing with sales and production of liquids for electronic cigarettes.

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