Published On: 2020-09-23

Everything we do is out of concern for our customers’ needs. Also, out of the need for a simple and quick buying process, we have created the Chemnovatic B2B platform. It’s very intuitive and will guide you through the registration and shopping process step by step.

Chemnovatic B2B platform

Registering a customer account on Chemnovatic B2B platform

What is important, Chemnovatic B2B Platform was created for business customers only. In the past, we had some instances that customers wanted to place orders via the platform with the use of private personal details. To clarify, according to TPD and Polish law, we can only cooperate with business customers. So, if you would like to make a purchase with the use of a business platform you should use your company’s details. However, if you have any doubts concerning the use of the B2B platform or would like to ask us how to enter your details, contact us directly at

Creating your B2B Account

You can easily create your account here. Above all, fill in all of the necessary details in the blank boxes. After filling all details click the Create Account button. After registering an account you must confirm it by clicking a link in the email sent to the address used during registration. Fill in your payment and delivery details carefully. What’s more the system needs your correct VAT ID to calculate taxes. Do not forget your country’s prefix!

Then, we must verify your account. Chemnovatic is a B2B company, meaning we only do business with registered and active companies. After a successful verification process, you will receive an email informing you about that fact. You will get full access to the website, allowing you to see prices and add products to the basket. Moreover, we will also assign appropriate discounts tailored to your needs.

If you’d like to see the step by step instruction for registering on our B2B platform, click here.

Chemnovatic range of products

All of our products are divided into clear sections in the MENU area in the top part of the website. To view available products, click the chosen product type. After choosing a specific type of product you will be redirected to the subcategory page where you will be able to see different variations of the product. You can then choose product type/strength/ratio/capacity.

You can now add the specific product type to the shopping cart. After adding a product to the shopping cart, the system gives you a choice of continuing shopping or going to the shopping cart and proceeding with checkout. We have created a very informative FAQ section, guiding you through every step of using our B2B platform. Every stage, from creating the account, through placing an order and making the payment is described here.

Chemnovatic B2B platform Payments

First of all, we usually require a 100% advance payment. In other words, you will not be able to pay until we calculate your shipping cost. Remember that delivery costs are calculated individually each time for each order. When the delivery cost is calculated you will receive a pro forma invoice with payment details by email. It will also be available in your customer account area. Moreover, Chemnovatic B2B platform allows you to pay by:

  • Bank transfer:

We accept payments in EUR, USD, or PLN. Depending on the currency you used during ordering your pro forma invoiceChemnovatic B2B platform

will have a suitable bank account number on.

  • PayPal:

PayPal payment will carry an additional 4,5% fee. When you choose this payment method, we will automatically add the PayPal fee to your order. The pro forma invoice will carry our PayPal account details you will need to pay.

Important: Sometimes we experience some instances where our customers have mistakenly made payments in the wrong currency when paying with PayPal. Out of concern for our customers and to improve the process of ordering, we have prepared a short PayPal payment instruction. An important element to complete the order is to transfer the appropriate amount in the currency from the proforma invoice. You can read a step-by-step guide on PayPal payment here.

Chemnovatic B2B platform Support Team

Our sales support assistants are waiting to help you! Moreover, to make your experience with our b2b platform more pleasant and to answer your questions faster, we have added a live chat functionality on Got questions? Need help finding what you need? Problems with your account? Just ask! You can also contact our advisors at:

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